5th Annual “For the Love of Lindsey” Memorial Race

Dreams! Goals! Wishes! That is exactly what this race was 9 years ago, the summer after I lost my baby sister. I had thought long and hard how I could allow her memory to live on and impact others decades down the road (even when I am no longer on this earth). I had fallen in love with running during my sister’s illness, it was my stress reliever, my time with God, and the one thing that let me know that I was still “alive” -despite the feelings inside that I too was dying. Running also became my coping agent as I traveled the road of “sibling” grief. There is hardly ever a run today when I am not thinking about my sister. Running and Linds just go together for me. So, a 5K race to celebrate her life was my dream, it was my goal, and for awhile I thought it was just a wish that would never come true.
However, 5 years ago we held the first “For the Love of Lindsey” memorial race and we have not looked back since. Each year this race is held on the Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend, because Lindsey’s Birthday was September 6th and it’s our way of celebrating her life -around the time of her birthday. This race has allowed for her memory to live on not only on that day but also as we raise money for a scholarship in her name-which is awarded to a senior at California Area High School who plans to attend California University of Pennsylvania and study education. Lindsey’s life long dream was to be an elementary school teacher and she successfully completed 3 years of undergraduate work -between chemo, stem-cell, and bone marrow treatments.

Just this past year we reached a pretty lofty goal with the help of those who have supported this race and scholarship. A scholarship in my sister’s name is now being recognized by California University of Pennsylvania…..TEARS!!! The thought that one day my children’s children may be presenting a scholarship in their great Aunt Lindsey’s name is overwhelming.

Last year was the Inaguaral “Lil Pickle Fun Run”, which was initiated due to my sister’s love for children and her love for pickles. This was another dream I had buried deep in my heart but with the help of others we were able to make this dream a reality as well. Kids had a blast running 1/2 mile race with our pickle mascot and getting their own lil’ pickle t-shirt.

So as you prepare for your labor day weekend festivities. Why not kick it off with some exercise! Bring the whole family..kids and all! Sign up today to guarantee you get a t-shirt. We look forward to seeing all of you there!! That’s my dad below…..saying “GO….SIGN UP”

Chaley Knight

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